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Express yourself with our lively and lovely accessories. We carry hand bags, jewelry, travel accessories, scarves, hats, glasses – and more.



Cards & Novelties

Oodles of our customers tell us that we have the best cards found anywhere. Sweet, sassy, snarky... we've got it. Our novelty items are here to amuse  — come by and put a smile on your face!

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Home Wares

Our unique home collection is curated  from contemporary designers and lines. We continually sprinkle in fabulous hand-picked vintage pieces for extra spice.


Paper goods

Journals, boxed cards, note pads, pens, and stickies — we have everything that you need to feel organized and to say what's on your mind.



Bar & Kitchen

Eat, drink and be merry! Grab a Luchador to wrestle your bottle open, serve up your apps on memorable plates, then clean the scene with a  flour sack towel.


Garden & Botanics

Green is gorgeous and so are our garden accessories and botanics! You will find spring all year 'round at Bliss.




JellyCats and crafts for kiddos and rattles and onesies for babes- find something special for your little one!



Bath & Beauty

Our little luxuries keep you feeling fabulous all day. Grab one for yourself and gift another.



We are committed to offering only products without microplastics. Microplastics are not biodegradable. Once they enter the environment, microplastics are almost impossible to remove, which affects our water supplies, food sources and marine animals. 

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