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meet our local artists

We love our local artists- what else can we say, they're extraordinary! From original watercolors to candles, bath bombs, and backpacks, our local artists make it all by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail. Read more about them below, and stop by to experience their artistry firsthand and take a little bit of Boulder home with you. 

Adventurist Backpacks

Adventure- worthy backpacks. 


Matilda and Kelly were traveling across the globe in 2017 when they were struck by how many families struggled with food insecurity. They began to pack their bags full of meals at the beginning of each day and handed them out to those they met. Inspired by their travels and wanting to do more to help these families, they created Adventurist Backpack Co.!


With every backpack purchased, they give 25 meals (the original number they were able to pack on their adventures back in 2017) back to families in need. Through Feeding America, Adventurist buys excess food in bulk from farmers across the U.S. and distributes it to food banks in each state, helping to reduce the food waste in our country, support local farmers, and provide nutrition for families in need.

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 7.55.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 1.26.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 2.07.44 PM.png

Andrew Barker 

Unique watercolors that highlight Colorado wildlife.

If you’ve visited Bliss on a Saturday or Sunday, you may have seen local artist Andrew Barker live painting! Andrew's subject matter is heavily driven by our current era of climate change, population growth, and mass extinction, highlighting the beauty of a natural world that is on the precipice of destruction. Some of his subjects are bears, ravens, owls, stags, and other Front Range wildlife. His work celebrates the unique personalities of each of his subjects, as well as cameos from special Colorado flora and fauna. 

We carry both prints and several of his original pieces, all with his precise illustrations and organic water color technique. Stop by to see his amazing work in person, and if you're lucky, chat with the artist himself!

Born with Dreams

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 7.18.21 PM.png

Intricate crochet dreamcatchers by Colorado artist Sandra Rozsypal.


Sandra moved to the United States from Prague, Czech Republic in 2015 where she finished her Masters Degree and worked full time as a Sport Event Planner. When she moved to the United States, none of her European college degrees were accepted, so she had to start from "zero." As stay-at- home mom, Sandra needed something to keep her motivated. Her mom, Hana, came up with a brilliant idea, "Why don't you make dream catchers like me!" So with some inspiration from her mom, 'Born with Dreams' was born!


Sandra has one of a kind dream catchers of all sizes for sale at BLISS, teaches workshops for those wanting to learn her traditional crochet techniques, and provides dreamcatcher event rentals for weddings and more. 

KarmaLit Candles

Scented candles for a cause!


Enjoy beautiful, clean scents while also knowing that you’re doing good! Karmalit candles donates a portion of their proceeds to help teachers fill their classrooms with supplies so that they have more time to do what they do best- educate and inspire. In addition to this amazing ethic, Karmalit is committed to sustainability - each candle is made with wax extracted from soy beans, which are grown year round by American farmers. 


Leela Grace 

Meaningful stone jewelry and gorgeous chains from Jennifer Newton.


Jennifer's pieces are bright and bold, imbued with a playful energy and subtle sophistication. She began Leela Grace after her now teenage daughter, Leela, was born as a way to balance creativity and motherhood. She believes that "energy is everything" and hopes that everyone who wears her pieces can feel the love she puts into them.

From long beaded necklaces with large gemstones, to delicate chain earrings, Jennifer's pieces cover an incredible range! Her most popular pieces (and one of our personal favorites) are her long gemstone necklaces pictured to the left. Each chain is carefully hand made to compliment the statement stone below. Stop by to see these gorgeous necklaces and all things Leela Grace!

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 4.06.51 PM.png
haley rice.jpeg

Sage Moon 

Modern clay jewelry in playful patterns and subtle hues.

Sage Moon is a locally owned and operated jewelry line based in Denver, CO. Haley Rice, the creative mind behind the business, is a high school art teacher and was originally inspired to create jewelry from the polymer clay she was using in her art class. Since starting her business in 2020, she has expanded her line from simple clay studs to include new mediums (like resin) and home goods! 


Haley's designs exude playful sophistication with modern patterns, shapes, and colors - there's truly something for every style! We've been lucky enough to work with Haley to create 4 Bliss exclusive styles, the Michanna, the Isabel, the Charlie, and the Aubrey. In addition to these staple styles, we have an always rotating collection of Sagemoon creations, so be sure to stop by to see all that Haley can do!

Herbal CBD bath bombs and body care based in Boulder. 


The ladies at VY are focused on creating products derived from local ingredients that reach all aspects of healing; using herbs, flower essence blends, gemstones, and of course CBD to create bath bombs that provide both physical and emotional benefits.


The founder of Vital You, Jenna Switzer (pictured in the center), was inspired by her own chronic pain to create a holistic, all natural remedy. She knew that she wanted to incorporate CBD for all of its incredible healing and health benefits, although the stigma that still surrounds it has been one of her biggest struggles. We sat down with the VY team to talk about the cultural perception of CBD, their passion for healing, and their journey to Vital You- click here to see our exclusive interview with Jenna and the team. Stop by to check out their magical bath bombs in person!


Vital You

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